Team Member

The reason why we shine at what we do is because of our team’s expertise and experience of work.

Stacey Nichol Project Manager

Stacey Nichol is a Sr. Project Manager for our western office located in London Ontario. Stacey focuses on our business development and service studies related to water distribution systems, water loss management and training programs. In addition to this focus, Stacey also works toward better service management for all calibration deliverables.

Curtis King Project Manager

Curtis King is a Sr. Project Manager for our eastern office located in Wooler, Ontario. Curtis focuses on specialized large diameter flow metering applications for closed pipe, open channel and open stream applications for the water and waste water markets and hydro-electric industries. Additionally, Curtis manages our large sanitary services projects ranging 100 - 300 sites in the Toronto (GTA) area.

About us: SCG Flowmetrix is a solutions based company, helping clients achieve all their water and wastewater needs. Primarily focusing on the municipal sector, SCG Flowmetrix aids all public works departments in tasks such as meeting calibration specifications, preventative and reactive maintenance requirements, data collection and the installation and commission of new equipment. Involvement in these programs varies on the client, while we may rent and provide all related services, we are also sales representatives of a variety of products. Whether it be rental, services, or sales we strive to provide the best programs for our clients. If a textbook solution doesn’t fit your needs, SCG Flowmetrix will prepare a plan that works for you!

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Flowmetrix has a complete web-hosted server with front-end hardware and back-end logical intelligence. Time based data is being delivered as email reports, or via client login over a secure password to review/down-load site data. Any out of tolerance data pushes alarm notifications based on real-time data or query logics using control features to direct whether a minimum night-time flow has increased, or breaks/bursts have occurred or if the flow meter in faulting. This technology has proven beneficial outcomes for several clients with susceptible rural areas, but can also be deployed in developed communities as well. Ask Us How!!!!