Downtown – Toronto Bound

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Downtown – Toronto Bound

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Flowmetrix is just completing a pressure monitoring and data collection study with the City of Toronto for the downtown core.  Nearly 20-TELOG wireless hydrant pressure data recorders were deployed for 2-3 months collecting and sending data to our web-enabled data server based on a routine schedule or when pressure parameters were met offering event notifications.

Our data delivery service (DDS) is cellular based over IP and is used for any parameter application such as portable water or sanitary sewer flow monitoring, pressure, level, PRV, tank, billing meters, etc.

Flowmetrix uses this technology as a stand-alone product or integrates into existing instrumentation for data collection, delivery of data and customizable reporting.

If you have any technical requirements for this service, please contact Mr. Stacey Nichol at 519-870-3569 or email at

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