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Meter Testing Program Development

Flowmetrix Technical Services is an industry leader in meter program development using our in-house expertise, flow laboratory, and other specific equipment related to meter accuracy, sizing and profiling. Our services include,

• Reviewing utilities’ meter testing program, verification, calibration and billing processes comparing against industry best practices. Flowmetrix also critiques processes and prepares an alternative practice for the utility to meet & exceed IWA/AWWA standards,

• Statistical analysis of varying strategies including factors such as meter manufacture, size, age, type, and volumetric throughput,

• Volumetric and revenue assessment including cost benefit analysis for various testing/replacement strategies

Sizing and Meter Selection

• Reviewing utilities’ historical meter volumetric data, assessing highest volumetric users vs. size, outlining apparent losses through improper meter sizing vs. demand analysis,

• Performing field studies to validate the actual meter size vs. customer flow demand profiles, against facility fixtures values, and reassessment of apparent losses due to size,

• Perform cost benefit analysis of an appropriate meter sizing and selection program for customer base

Testing and Calibration

• On-site or laboratory testing and calibration using either clients flow rates, AWWA specifications, average flow rate test flow rates, for the testing criteria,

• Customer dispute testing and reporting,

• Site setup recommendations for future best management practices related to water meter/flow meter instrumentation testing, calibration, reporting, and SCADA data review,

• Repair and maintenance also available,