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District Metering Areas (DMA)

Flowmetrix Technical Services is an industry leader in providing water distribution studies including District Metering Areas (DMA). Using state-of-the-art flow meters, pressure instrumentation and data recording capabilities both stand-alone and wireless based transmissions are used to conduct these studies. Flowmetrix is able to utilize our data delivery service (web-hosted data server) infrastructure, to minimize field activities while maximizing available data. The host server is able to create upload “real-time” calculation or imaginary metering and/or flow/pressure system alarm notifications.

• Flowmetrix is capable of developing DMA zones, with intermediate zonal step-testing whether permanent in nature or suited for temporary studies,

• Using DMA studies to assist in real loss calculation, assisting with UARL statements, ROI statements related to varying leak detection strategies & efforts to locate and pinpoint leakage within the water distribution system.

• Use of DMA in conjunction with leak detection strategies to create system benchmark for lowest attainable level of leakage and economic level of leakage (ELL)

• Use for pilot studies to evaluate other physical leak detection strategies such as acoustic main/service leak detection surveys, correlation techniques, and/or helium leak detection programs.