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Flowmetrix Technical Services provide a unique approach to conducting dye dilution services real-time while comparing against a known flow measurement structure. This service is primarily offered for flow meter evaluation/calibration against flumes, weirs, mag-meters and Venturi meters whether the meter is for process or billing applications.

The dye dilution principle uses a dilution in concentration as a measured ratio to calculate the actual flow through a flow meter relative to the injection rate of a concentrated dye. If the measured concentration is diluted 1,000,000 x the concentrated injected dye, the measured flow rate would equate to 1,000,000 x the injected flow rate.

Flowmetrix follows a constant injection technique conforming to the ISO-555 standard. This standard allows testing at constant test flow rates or diurnal pattern flows. We are able to test the smallest flows to the greatest flow rates. This technique is not restricted to upstream and downstream disturbances and hence, is not reliant on hydraulic conditions.