Hydrant Flow Meter:

Multi-purpose Flow Meter with option for real-time Cl2 residual monitoring.

Flowmetrix Technical Services Inc. – realizes a need for municipalities to conduct flushing programs easily, safely and more effectively that the past while increasing the efficiency and accuracy. Various design criteria was considered prior to manufacturing this product; such as flow rate display, totalization options with user reset ability, pressure measurement and easy access to flow sample for water quality measurement, flow assembly light and integral in design while powered using operator replaceable batteries.

This product was primarily designed to conduct flushing programs to increase chlorine residuals within the system while totalizing discharge flows for water balance figures.

This design uses a replaceable paddlewheel design
calibrated to the flow tube to be within +/- 2% o.r. The maximum flow rate for the MFM-500/MFM-1000 is 500-usgpm and 1000-usgpm respectively. The meter attaches directly to the 2 1⁄2” hydrant port either directly or through an adequate amount of fire hose, gate valve assembly and diffuser, for flow control and energy dissipation.

Although, this product may also be used for fire flow testing where 500-usgpm or 1000-usgpm maximum flows is obtained or where pressures within the system will drop below 20 psi, other uses for this meter would include;

• Hydrant Maintenance

• Leak Detection

• Contractor Usage

• IWA Water Balance