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Meter Testing Program Development

Flowmetrix Technical Services is an industry leader in meter program development using our in-house expertise, flow laboratory, and other specific equipment related to meter accuracy, sizing and profiling. Our services include;


Is customer meter testing worth while?

Meter testing ensure the best accuracy for all meters yielding a higher and deserved revenue. It also allows to predict a better changeout program based on size, volume, and customer demographic.

At what size of meter should I be thinking about meter accuracy testing?

The meter size is only one of the basic inputs to review and therefore, I can not say what the minimum size should be.  However, it might be said, review your larger customer base first and then review smaller sizes second.  Other inputs that should be considered is volume and cost of meters ownership to predict a ROI based on efforts and increased revenue yielded from such a program.

What meter principle should be installed?

There isn’t a common denominator for this answer.

Each meter principle should be considered for every meter application reviewing both low and high flow characteristics, and pressure losses.

Understanding your clients, demand profile and inventory, use of building, seasonal uses, etc would be some of the items to consider to determine the best meter for the application.

P.S. Don’t forget the various approaches to meter registration collection, this also counts.

• Reviewing utilities’ meter testing program, verification, calibration and billing processes comparing against industry best practice. Flowmetrix also critiques processes and prepares an alternative practice for the utility to meet & exceed IWA/AWWA standards,

• Statistical analysis of varying strategies including factors such as meter manufacture, size, age, type, and volumetric throughput,

• Volumetric and revenue assessment including cost benefit analysis of the various testing/replacement strategies