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Supply Meters – Sizing and Meter Selection

• Statistical analysis is conducted on daily reads, and/or repository values to ensure adequate flow throughput and that the meter is “right” sized for the application demand.

• Where such data does not exist, Flowmetrix will measure flow rate over time using state-of-the-art comparison metering techniques capturing data using acquisition recorders for data capturing for the purpose of flow data assessment.


Are Supply Meter's Sizing and Selection more important than customer meters?

Interesting question!!!

It is the most important meter in the system.  It is generally the largest meter in the system (certainly if you only have one production meter).

The cost of this meter is generally sizeable in nature compared to all other meters as well.

It is the starting place of all balance calculations and therefore should have the most activity against to the highest standard.

Since the cost of the meter is the greatest, even more care should be taken for the selection, installation, maintenance, and calibration prior to purchase.