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Supply Meters – Testing and Calibration

• Reviewing utilities’ past and current verification/calibration records, allow Flowmetrix to assess the trending and prepare a process map to achieve best management process mapping standards related to future verification/calibration practices.

• Flowmetrix is able to conduct in-situ primary element flow tube verifications using comparison metering techniques for varying levels of confidence and secondary converter verifications including display, output signals, repository and totalizer using manufacturer flow meter testing instrumentation.

• Flowmetrix is able to provide a cost benefit analysis for various accuracy testing techniques based on allowable expected accuracy, testing frequency versus volumetric throughput.


Should supply meters be calibrated or audited?

Depending on the purpose of the related task. If you are only interested in knowing whether the meter is functioning as per a set tolerance for display, output, and volumetric totalization – then a calibration is fine. Ensure all controls are tight and the data used for calibration is unquestioned.

However, if you are using other peripherals such as SCADA for volumetric accumulation, reporting, or billing – then an audit should be conducted as well.

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