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Meter Testing and Calibration

Flowmetrix Technical Services is an industry leader in meter verification/calibration services for water meters, flow meters, pressure & level instrumentation, and water quality instruments.  Testing and calibration services include;

• On-site or laboratory testing and calibration using either clients flow rates, AWWA specifications, average flow rate test flow rates, etc,

• Customer dispute testing and reporting

• Site setup recommendations for future best management practices related to water meter/flow meter instrumentation testing, calibration, reporting, and SCADA data review,

• Repair and maintenance also available


Is water meter/flow meter verification important?

Yes.  Verification allows the owner to realize  performance status across an expected operating range or industry standard like AWWA.

The testing results identified in a sample of a population of meters predict the best time for meter replacement program rather than accepting a standard that does not know your meters, your customers, etc.

Is water meter/flow meter verification calibration required?

No it is not required if you are willing to accept the numbers as is.  Meter calibration is part of a meter verification program.  Meter calibration is conducted when a meter falls outside an acceptable level of tolerance within a certain level of confidence.

Meter calibration ensures all flows are measured to the best truth possible for accountability, revenue, and balances.

Should water meter calibrations be done each year?

A general answer is NO.  This would depend on the benefit or predicted return on the investment to conduct such calibration practices.

Working within a greater study incorporating meter selection and changeout, meter sizing, meter verification and meter accuracy programs work together to form a complete metering program.