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Flowmetrix University (FMU) – Training

SCG Flowmetrix currently has (3) Director Approved training courses with supplied CEU’s, delivering our expertise to operators, supervisors and managers across Ontario building relationships & developing our credibility in the marketplace.

SCG Flowmetrix training vision is to increase awareness offering a correct delivery of material related to the subject matter being trained.  Our approach offers background theory with a major focus toward a practical approach to learning.



    • Alberta

    • Hydro-Quebec

    • Montreal

    • Vancouver

    • Yukon

    • Barbados

    • Dominican Republic

    • Guatemala

    • Phillipines

    • St. Lucia

    • Trinidad & Tobago


Learn at Flowmetrix

Training Programs

We offer more than 10 training programs per annum, in addition to the customer required ones. To register for the next available training program click on the APPLY NOW link below.


  • Comprehensive Leak Detection Survey (0.6 CEU’s)

  • Practical Approach to Fire Flow Testing (0.7 CEU’s)

  • Water Quality (Portable) Instrumentation (0.7 CEU’s)


  • Flow Measurement, Applications & Calibration Techniques

  • IWA Water Balance & Audits

  • Leak Detection Services

  • Fire Flow Testing Services

We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way.– John Holt –