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Flowmetrix Technical Services is an industry leader in conducting verification and calibration services for pressure and level instrumentation. Flowmetrix is able to provide this service at your doorstep and/or at on of our Ontario office locations. We are capable of verification and calibration of pressure gauges and transmitters, and level systems including gauge, absolute, differential, ultrasonic, radar, and back flow testing devices.

Where pressure instruments are concerned, Flowmetrix uses a standard reference master pressure device to verify and calibrate your instrument to the highest standards required for your application. Able to test pressures up to 150 psi meets nearly all applications within the municipal industry. Where system pressure are higher that 150 psi, please contact Flowmetrix for alternative approaches related to verification/calibration techniques.

Where level is concerned, Flowmetrix using a calibrated level jig to accurately confirm the response to the programming setup, display readings, and output signals across the range of the instrument.

absolute, capacitance, differential pressure, gauge, hydrostatic level, radar, ultrasonic

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